How to write good wedding speeches? Here are a few practical tips.

Wedding Speech Tips Take note
As soon as you know that you will be making a speech at the wedding get into the habit of carrying a notebook round with you so you can jot down any thoughts that could be worked in to your speech. The best ideas often appear at the most inopportune moments...
Structure your speech
Don't try writing it all in one go! Break down your words into the different areas you want to cover e.g. thanks to the guests, stories about the run-up to the wedding, stories about the groom, words for the bride, winding up etc. Take the jottings from your notebook and see where they fit in to the plan.
Take a copy
Anxiety about losing the text of your speech can ruin a whole wedding morning. Have three or four copies done and give them to other guests to look after. It's impossible that they will all lose theirs - and it will put your mind at rest!
Speak to both sides
Make sure your speech is accessible to everyone present. Many people will know only half of the wedding party (if that), and they may not even know you. In-jokes and favourite anecdotes should be told so that everyone can enjoy them - so explain any un-obvious references as you go.
Don't rely on memory
You may have practised your speech so hard that you're sure you know it by heart. Keep your text handy anyway - the stress of speaking can sometimes cause people to forget their lines.
Be brief
Brevity truly is the soul of wit. Some speakers plan optional sections that can be cut if the speech isn't doing too well. At any rate, you should time your speech and stick to it - five minutes is perfectly long enough.
Get your stories straight
Often a bride and groom may have a story in their past that lends itself to a good anecdote. But if the story is at all well known, check with the other speakers just to make sure that your material doesn't duplicate anyone else's.

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